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The online dating portal seems to be a good choice to find a match in the UK. But we checked the reputation of the platform on the internet. There we found many negative reports about the site. review advertises with a solid offer. But during our research on the internet, we found plenty of negative reports. It turns out, that this online dating website is a scam with a fake chat. The portal uses fake profiles which are managed by fake operators. review

Thanks to online dating websites like connecting with foreign women has become extremely easy nowadays. The design of the dating portal is charming and animates the visitor into a free registration right away. review

The online dating portal is not at its best even on the homepage. The colour purple and the low quality of the previews do not invite you to register, even if it is free. review

The homepage of the online dating portal makes a good and reliable first impression. Although the visitor does not receive any information about possible additional costs after the free registration, the site makes a legitimate impression. review

The website which has very outdated design on the starting page, is something special. The portal is especially targeting people with any STD like HPV, HIV/AIDS, or any other sexually transmitted disease.

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