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Ashley Madison: Test winner "Casual Dating"

The online dating portal Ashley Madison is a casual dating website and one of our test winners in this category. Ashley Madison is based in Canada and connects more than 60 million people in 53 countries all over the world. The website was founded in the year 2001 and has grown ever since. Today, it is one of the best and safest alternatives on the internet to find a sexual partner for a casual date and an affair.

SummaryAshley Madison - Meet sexy people

  • One of the most trusted and most successful casual dating websites
  • It is the world's largest portal for affairs
  • More than 60 Millions of users from all over the world
  • Active users from more than 50 different countries
  • Perfect alternative for dating while traveling with an app that is easy to use
  • Female members don’t get charged
  • Male members have to buy credits to send messages
  • The website offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t succeed
  • Discreet and save place for dates
  • Singles, married people and couples are members

Ashley Madison might be the best place on the internet to find an affair. The reason is that a big percentage of the members are in a relationship or married. That means they are sitting in the same boat if you are looking for a casual adventure and an affair. But Ashley Madison is much more than only a dating platform for couples and married people. The member’s area is filled with young users and singles. The website is operated by the company named Ruby Life Inc. that is located in Toronto, Canada. In this review, you will find out if Ashley Madison is the right spot for you or not and how it works.

General details

The online casual dating platform Ashley Madison was originally operated in the year 2001. At this time, online dating was not common as it is today and casual dating was even less popular. Especially Ashley Madison got a lot of critics from the public as it became quick one of the most used online dating platforms for married people that were looking for an affair.


The landing page of Ashley Madison advertises with the quote “Life is short. Have an affair”. This short sentence actually brings everything on point that Ashley Madison offers to its members. The online dating website makes discreet casual dating not just possible, but particularly very easy. It offers various ways to get in touch with each other and the member’s area is filled with open minded people that don’t want to waste time on long conversations or chat flirts. As the slogan of the website says, life is too short to hesitate.

Ashley Madison Banner

Of course the offer of the platform is something special. This is already clear during the registration. Ashley Madison is a casual dating platform for every gender and every sexual preference. But the website offers even more as it is possible to register as a couple. That makes it possible for married people or simple couples that are looking for a third or even more people joining the fun. This offer needs especially a very good private data protection and discretion. Ashley Madison makes it  easy to flirt and meet discreetly plus it has some modern ideas on how to protect the privacy in the member’s area.

The registration on Ashley MadisonAshley Madison - Registration

  • The registration is for free
  • The process is very easy and can be done in a few minutes
  • You will have to specify your current relationship

Ashley Madison is probably one of the best places on the internet for singles but also married people looking for a casual date and an affair. The online dating website wants to make casual dating an easy thing  to do and this focus has not changed since the beginning. Like on every other dating website, all starts with the registration and already here we can see that AshleyMadison makes it easy and smooth.

The registration on Ashley Madison can be done in a few minutes. To register, you will have to clarify your current status of relationship, a user name and password. More needed data you will have to provide is your location with a post code, your age and E-mail address. The E-mail address must be verified to purchase credits later after the registration is done. After that, the website will ask more data to find the right match for you. For example, you have to clarify what kind of date you are looking for and if you are looking for an affair, if you prefer a short time or long term thing.

Some steps you can skip but always remember the more data you provide of yourself, the more members that will notice and might contact you. During the registration you can also upload an image of you as a profile picture. Additionally, you can edit more details about your person, your sexual preferences and more images  in the profile settings.

Personal data and your profile settings

  • The profiles themselves are not very detailed
  • Ashley Madison offers features to maintain the discretion of your person
  • You can upload discreet photos and share them individually to others
  • A big number of users do not edit a lot of information even it is recommended for the success

Ashley Madison - ProfileAfter the registration you can visit the member’s area to see your potential matches and check your own profile. It is recommended to spend a little bit of your time to edit some more information about you and to arrange your profile settings.

On Ashley Madison, you have the full control about your personal data. You can arrange all personal details individually. So you can share your personal information and pictures to just one single person or share all data publicly so that every member can see your profile plus all images completely.

As already mentioned, the more information you provide, the more others will notice you and will get in touch with you. The members of Ashley Madison are very open minded, it not just the duty of the male users to start a chat. Many times a female member will start the conversation. In contrast to other dating websites, you won’t find a match on the person interests or hobbies as this would be too much information and also a potential risk getting recognized. On Ashley Madison, you will spot a match by sexual interests and desires. In the profile settings you can let other members know what you like. These are the important details about you. You don’t have to provide any information that could reveal your identity. Ashley Madison also offers simple tricks to stay hidden and anonymous even on your profile picture and images in your profile.

Security and privacy

On Ashley Madison, it is one of the most important steps to edit your profile settings to find a safe casual date or affair. Edit every setting on your profile individually and you can share your personal date with  certain other member only or public. Also you can arrange your profile setting regarding to your privacy as following:

  • You can hide profile completely or make it visible to other or show it in full in the member’s area
  • Display your profile as offline
  • Show pictures of yourself public or not

As it should be clear until this point, Ashley Madison is a platform for all people looking for a date. Whether or not they are single or married, everyone can find a casual date here especially a married person who doesn’t want to be recognized. To maintain the privacy, Ashley Madison has found a good middle way that members can show their profile pictures and not get recognized. The website offers you the chance to conceal your photos in different ways. You can display your profile picture only blurred or by adding an effect to your profile picture. One often picked effect is a mask like the movie hero Zorro wears it. Ashley Madison also offers different kind of animated sunglasses or a simple black bar to cover the eyes.


You can provide a lot of details about yourself, like your location, physical appearance and sexual preferences, but you don’t have to. If you edit that information about yourself in your profile, you can arrange exactly how much you want to share to public. You can also hide all edited information and only when a certain member asks for more details, you can share them individually for this person.

The member’s area of Ashley Madison

  • The website has a large international member’s area
  • Millions of active users from all over the world
  • Open minded people looking for an adventure or affair

Over the years the number of members on Ashley Madison has grown. Originally from Canada, the website spreads all over the world. Today, it is the largest dating website for people that are looking for an affair. The majority of the website’s traffic is from the USA, Canada, Brazil and the UK. Most of Ashley Madison members are middle-aged and above. The exact number of members in the UK and worldwide is not known. The website also does not provide the gender ratio of its active users but it seems that the gender ratio is very balanced.

Ashley Madison - Member area

Ashley Madison is well-known as a dating website to find an affair. The members can find any kind of dates. The users of the casual dating website are single, committed to someone or even married. In a nutshell, the member’s area of Ashley Madison is very diverse. But they all have one thing in common. They are looking for simply a casual date. If it turns out to be a one-time thing, a long term affair or two singles meet and commit a relationship, time will tell.

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Making the first contact - Getting in touch with others on Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison offers a lot of way to get in touch with other members. You can send a wink to other users. Every member of Ashley Madison can send a wink, a heart or an eye-twinkling smiley for free. Another way to get in touch with someone is to request a private key. The private key will give you access to the private area of a member. As mentioned before, you can provide a lot of personal information and private pictures in your profile and hide them. You can either give someone access to your personal data or someone requests to have access to. Of course, you can also request the private key. This way you can get in touch with someone without any written word. This makes the first contact existing and more tempting.

Homosexual female users get charges in the same way a male user gets charged

Besides that you can edit every member to your “favourites list” and save this contact for later. The member that you edit on your favourites list will get a notification about your action and may check out your profile. These are the alternatives that Ashley Madison offers you to get in touch with another user. Of course you can also send a message to a certain member which is the easiest and most direct way to make the first contact. Ashley Madison offers two different kind of messages. The normal messages and the priority messages that will always appear on the top in the virtual post box of your chat partner.Sending messages to other users is free for all women that are looking for a man. Homosexual female users get charges in the same way a male user gets charged when he is looking for a woman.


The feature called “traveling man” is a very useful function for members that are traveling a lot and don’t want to forego pleasure and adventure during this time. It does not matter if you are traveling around the world or if you are on a business trip. Thanks to the traveling man feature you can send messages to at most 30 girls who live in that area where you will go. They will get a notification about your arrival before you arrive and might get in touch with you before you get to this point. That makes it possible to arrange a casual date in an unknown city even before you arrive there.

Design and operation

The design of the casual dating website Ashley Madison is modern but the operation is very simple. The portal does not provide tons of features and functions which makes the use of it more complicated. Also, the settings for the profile are easy to understand and the profilesthemselves  are not very detailed.

The operation of Ashley Madison is easy because the whole website has a good overview and it does not offer many things to do. The focus on the platform is to look for a match and to get in touch with this member. The design of the interface is mostly in a white background colour. The letters are in a black colour which makes the words easy to read.


Plus the website uses a pink colour to highlight some parts. For example, you can see a little pink dot next to the section “messages”, if you have a new notification. Additionally the website shows a highlighted pink bottom on the left and right side. If you click on the left pink bottom the section with profile settings, favourites list and the support will open. If you click on the right bottom, the section for your search filter will open. This way, Ashley Madison offers a wide range of the basic functions of a dating website but still has a good overview as you can open and close different sections of the portal separately.

The mobile version and app of Ashley Madison

Of course Ashley Madison is also available for mobile devices. You can either open the dating portal on your phone with the mobile or download the app. The design, the operation and the overview that are on the mobile version and on the app are both good. But the operation on the app is a bit better than  the mobile version as the functions of Ashley Madison are implemented in a very comfortable way. The Ashley Madison app is available for iOS and Android devices. To use the app, you will get charged one time. Of course, if you are a female user who is looking for a male user, you won’t get charged. All other users have to pay one time 15 Pounds for an unlimited mobile access. This purchase will be charged automatically if you buy credits for the very first time.

Ashley Madison Banner

Costs and prices on AshleyMadison.com

Women who are using the website do not get charged. If you are a female and you are looking for an affair with a male, you don’t have to pay at all. Male members, but also female users, who are looking for a woman for a date, will have to pay. The costs of Ashley Madison originate via credits that the member has to buy first. The credits are needed to send messages.

Ashley Madison - Costs

Ashley Madison does not charge any money for the registration and the creation of an account. Plus the website offers a number of alternatives to get in touch with another member without sending a message. If you want to like a picture, to see another profile, to create a favourites list, to use the search filters, to send a wink or a smiley or if you want to upload images discretely, you won’t have to pay.


But if you want to send a virtual gift or a message, boost your profile in the member’s area or want to send a priority message, open and collect messages or use the traveling man feature, you will have to pay. Of course, only if you are looking for a woman.

The online dating website Ashley Madison offers three different packages of credits.

100 credits cost £46.90 ................ One credit costs £0.21
500 credits cost £130.80 .............. One credit costs £0.26
1000 credits £214.80 .................... One credit costs £0.47

Additionally, the member gets charged £15.00 for an unlimited mobile access. Except heterosexual female users who won’t have to pay for the unlimited access. Compared with other dating website, Ashley Madison costs are in the higher midfield. But the benefits the website offers to its members are worth the money.

Our conclusion to Ashley Madison

The casual dating website Ashley Madison offers a wide range of different ways to get in touch with other members. The website is filled with active users in all ages. Additionally, we have to mention that the members of Ashley Madison are very open minded and open for new adventures. Casual dating for people in a relationship or even married users is very easy as the website pays a lot of attention for its discretion. If you are looking for a sexual adventure, an affair or just a casual date, Ashley Madison is one of the best choices you can make.