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Here you can find all reviews that were previously published. review is a dating platform where South African singles are supposed to be able to find love. In fact, DolSA is short for “Dating Online South Africa.” This website is totally free to use, and there are no ads whatsoever. Therefore, we wondered how the operator of the site was making money. review looks like an online dating platform for people searching for a meaningful relationship, but it doesn't look too daring or explicit. The people who are featured as alleged users on this site come across as very normal individuals. The website offers free registration. review could’ve been a good platform for finding casual sex or friends with benefits, but it’s just a rip-off with a fake chat service. Registration is completely free, so we created a temporary profile to review the site through first-hand experience. The members’ area seemed enticing. review may come across to people as a website that gives users the opportunity to find a date with hot single women, but there’s more than meets the eye. Visitors to the site are encouraged to take the initiative to sign up for free right away. If the statements on the landing page are true? review is a safe choice, and we did some online research where we found positive reviews about it. However, it is very important to mention that it is not a real online dating website. It does not have a members´ area, and it has no matchmaking system. What it does have is a speed dating. review may appear like a promising choice. But we did some research on the internet. While doing our research, we found many negative reviews. The portal has a negative image. We also found many reports about the operator of this site. The company is well-know.

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