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Here you can find all reviews that were previously published. review does not give the best first impression. The design of the landing page looks poor, but the offer on this site sounds okay. But this online dating platform has a bad reputation. In the end, we found many negative reviews about this site. Some former users also mention fake profiles. review has a modern design and advertises with an interesting offer. But the information on the landing page is misleading and fake. We see some profiles of people and we could assume that they are members of the site. The profiles on this website are fake, and it's scam with a fake chat. review is not an online dating portal. It is a porn site where amateur actors offer their content. However, this website is not a scam. The offer of the platform is solid, and the members are real. Here you can watch erotic live streams made by amateurs. You can also contact them. review is a casual dating site which targets Yorkshire dwellers. As usual, you can register for free. Then you must pay for a renewable subscription if you want to send a message or anything else. You can read in the terms of use that profiles are shared between many other sites. review is an entertainment site with fake profiles, managed by fake chat operators. On the home page, you can see a naked woman. There are buttons to log in and register, and some pictures of the fake members. But it is a scam, and you can only have a bad experience on this site. review

The landing page of looks cheap. The design is poor, and the photos of the members look bad. However, we doubt that these photos are from real members. The quality of the photos is bad. Furthermore, we found enough evidence to say that this site is a rip-off and a fake chat scam.

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