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Here you can find all reviews that were previously published. review is a dating platform that advertises with free registration. Allegedly, this is a great place for everyone interested in a casual experience with local partners. In reality, this website is just a rip-off. As opposed to what was promised, the website is not free. review

As suggested by the domain's name, is a dating website aimed at those that are looking for casual experiences without commitment. Even though the initial page didn’t provide any information, the purpose of this platform appeared to be obvious. It is a subscription rip-off. review

The dating site advertises with a free registration and nasty singles to hook up with. is the version for users from the UK. InfraWeb Solution Ltd from Hong Kong also operates the same dating service for many different countries. We know this company already. review is a MILF dating site that comes in many different languages. Although being very international, apparently hasn’t received much attention so far. As part of our research, we searched for user reviews. It is almost impossible to find any user experiences online. review is introduced as the largest dating site for metalheads worldwide. Everyone can sign up for free. The search function allows us to find users from all over the world. Unfortunately, we only found a low number of active members. We have a closer look to test the website. review

The dating site advertises with a free registration and the chance of finding dates in Kent. is part of a network that consists of several dating sites. Venntro Media Group Ltd has the right dating site for everyone. The company is based in Slough.

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