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Here you can find all reviews that were previously published. review appears to be a solid online dating portal. Part of its offer is a free registration and a lot of fun. It seems that this site has got a chatty community. Well, that is not a positive aspect of this website. This platform is a scam with a fake chat. review advertises with free registration. But after that, high costs will occur for a premium membership. Also, the membership will extend automatically until the user actively cancels it. Now, that does not have to be wrong, in general. Here, it is used as a subscription rip-off. review advertises with a good offer. Here, the registration is free. Also, the online dating portal seems to guarantee a good chance of finding a match. Well, that might be indicated on the landing page but, it is not true. This site is a cheeky scam. review may appear like a good casual dating platform. On the landing page, we see erotic content. But, it is all a trick. This website is a scam with a fake chat and a subscription trap. The profiles in the members´ pool are fake and show fictional people. review claims to be a contact broker for sex contacts. Well, the first appearance of the site is good. But, the reputation of the site on the internet is just terrible. We found many negative reviews from former users. In general, they had a bad experience with the site. review advertises with an interesting offer, and the landing page offers some information. In general, the website appears promising. But on the internet, this platform has got a poor reputation. Former users complain about fake profiles and fake messages.

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