Test winner: Victoria Milan - Casual Dating

Victoria Milan: Test winner "Casual Dating"

The casual dating platform Victoria Milan was created in Norway in the year of 2010. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular websites to find an affair or a casual date in Scandinavia. While the dating portal became more and more famous in this region, the success went international as well. Victoria Milan is available in the UK, Europe and worldwide. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for a secret love.

Ad Banner 300x250Summary

  • One of the best casual dating platforms in the UK
  • Available all around the world
  • More than six million active members
  • Great for married couples and cheating partners
  • Simple to use
  • Smart functions to getting in touch
  • A tremendous personal data protection
  • Only real users thanks to verified profiles
  • 100% anonymous profiles
  • Balanced gender ratio

Being married or in a relationship might be the best thing in life. Love and having someone to depend on are great. Every one of us desires that at least to a certain level. But from time to time we all know that things can get boring. Cheating and having an affair does not have to mean you don't love your partner anymore. That does only mean you are looking for some fun and adventure. Which is where Victoria Milan comes in, and it is one of the best and most secure casual dating websites in the UK.


General details

- Trustworthy operator and safe platform
- More than ten years of best services
- One of the most famous casual dating websites 

The casual dating portal Victoria Milan was founded in Norway in the year 2010. Ten years later, it is one of the most famous platforms in the world for people looking forward to having fun. "Relive the passion – Find your Affair" – is the slogan of the portal. Of course, there are not just cheaters. You can register here in any case and get in touch with interesting people. 

There are no boundaries or rules. If you are married, in a relationship or single, and want to have a pleasant time with someone new, this might be the right place for you. The Digisec Media Limited operates Victoria Milan. This company is located in Malta and runs the website globally.

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Victoria Milan is available all over the world

In every European country, Victoria Milan is available, plus it has members from the USA, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. For this reason, Victoria Milan is an excellent alternative for an affair while travelling on private purposes or a business trip. With many members in the UK, it doesn't take long to find a suitable date in your region.

Regard to some customer experiences on the landing page of the casual dating website, and you can also find your true love here. In the end, no one cares if your true love was once an affair. That is what Victoria Milan wants to show the world by presenting some famous couples on the homepage, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe with former President John Kennedy, or Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles. For them, all started with a secret.

Today, the website got more than six million members all around the globe. Gender-ratio seems to be balanced, but precise details about that are missing. The reason is that Victoria Milan keeps its members secure and their information secret. The safety of the website is probably what makes it to one of the best choices to seek an affair.


Registration and design

- Easy registration
- Done is a few minutes
- Steps are simple and self-explaining
- modern design and a good overview

The registration at Victoria Milan is straightforward and done in a few minutes. First of all, you have to provide some general personal data like your gender, age, and e-mail address. In the second step, you will enter some details about you and your preferences. All of those pieces of information are for selecting words out of a list. It is a short questionnaire with simple questions. After that, you only have to verify your e-mail address so that you can enter the member pool of Victoria Milan.

Victoria Milan Casual Dating - Registration

The design of the website and its interface look good, but it is nothing special. White and brown colours are for the background of the portal. Its design might not be the best thing about the site, but it gives the user a good overview. Victoria Milan is easy to handle. All functions and settings are easy to find and to use.

How to set up your profile

Before you start flirting and find your affair, there are some things to do and to discover in Victoria Milan. In the beginning, it is recommended to upload some pictures for your profile. There is more than just one reason for the upload of your images.

Casual Dating - Profile

On the one hand, a copy of you will lead to the point that other members find you and will get in touch with you. On the other side, this way, you can see the profile pictures of others. Without a profile picture of you, the profiles in the member's pool of Victoria Milan do not show the image. Either you upload a profile picture or get a premium membership.

The next thing to do is to provide some more details to your profile. In your profile setting, you can add some details about your lifestyle and background. In general, there are not so many details you can provide to others. Also, it is not needed to share that much information. Remember, this is a casual dating website. So many members married or in a relationship. The less information you share, the more safety you get.

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Victoria Milan keeps you save

If you are in partnership and are concerned about the personal data protection or are scared about uploading a profile picture, you can lay back and relax. The website of Victoria Milan is secure with an SSL-certificate, plus you can edit your profile picture. 

After uploading it, you can make it blurred or unrecognizable with a mask in front of your face. Security is the number one on Victoria Milan, so you can upload an image and arrange the setting that no one can see. If an individual member appears to be the right choice for a date, you can make it visible just for this one user.


The member's structure

- More than 6 million members' worldwide
- Open-minded and active users
- Verified members only
- Balanced gender ratio
- Young and old members

The casual dating website Victoria Milan got six million active members. From young to old, everyone is looking for fun and an adventure from time to time. Its members are located all around the world. The exact number of members in the UK is not on the website.

Casual Dating portal - Members area

Victoria Milan wants to keep that a secret. But one thing is for sure. The member's pool is full of interested users in a high number. You can visit the member's pool and view some profiles or use the search filter to look for something unique.

You can select the age and the region. Plus, you can choose that you only want to see profiles that have uploaded an image. That is one more reason to upload your profile picture. The member's pool and a user's profile do not show many details. This way, the portal guarantees the safety of its members. If you want to know more about a member, you will have to get in touch with her or him.

Getting in touch with new people

If you found an exciting member, you can get in touch with that person in different ways. You can send a twinkling smiley and a heart to let the other user know that you are interested. When it comes to that point that the other user sends you a smiley or a heart back, you can get started and have a chat. 

Another way you can get in touch with a potential match is by sending a gift. Those gifts are not for free. You will have to buy so-called credits first to purchase and send a gift. There are flowers, a kiss, chocolate and much more available to buy. But you will need a premium-membership first to buy credits.  

Last but not least, you can send a message to someone. It is an old-fashioned way to start a conversation and the most promising. An individual message with some sweet words is the best way to get started. This way you can get to know each other in a few minutes and start a hot flirt.

Indeed, having a chat with someone else on the computer or mobile phone could be dangerous if your real partner is nearby. But that is no problem as Victoria Milan got an easy and smart solution. As a result, the website got a panic button, and it does what a panic button should do. Pressing the panic button will instantly redirect you to an innocent site. It is the perfect thing whenever you need an emergency exit from the website.


Mobile version and the Victoria Milan app

- Available for iOS and Android devices
- Meet people nearby or while travelling
- The interface is similar to the desktop version

Victoria Milan is a modern casual dating website and offers its users an app. The app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Its interface is similar to the desktop version, and even if you open the website with a mobile browser on your phone, the overview is just great. 

One great thing about using Victoria Milan, on the way via an app, is to find people nearby. If you sit in a restaurant waiting for your meal, you can check if there is a member close to you. This way, your single meal might end up in a casual flirt and a date. That works while travelling as well and makes Victoria Milan an excellent choice for vacation or business trips.

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The costs for the premium membership

- Costs originate via paid premium membership
- Credits for gifts are available to buy
- Subscriptions are offered for 3, 6 or 12 months
- Automatic renew of your membership
- Good price-performance ratio

Costs on Victoria Milan originate by a subscription for a premium-membership and credits. The premium membership is offered in three different versions with different terms. You can select the payment that fits you the best. Per month at low rates or one single payment, that is up to you.

Victoria Milan - Costs

Your credit card bill will not show the name Victoria Milan, so you save at any time if your partner wants to check your credit card payments. As we see it, the price-performance ratio is excellent and very fair regarding that, what you will get in return.

These options are available

- Three months of premium membership (Premium Gold) costs £ 5.- a week. 

With Premium Gold membership you will get access to:

  • An unlimited chat
  • You can see who liked you and who viewed your profile
  • You can ask for private images from other members
  • Send gifts and get an unlimited amount of likes and winks

 - Six months of premium membership (Premium Platinum) costs £ 3.75 a week.

With Premium Platinum membership, you will get access to the same options as the Premium Gold, but at the half-year point, you would have saved some money. 

- Twelve months of premium membership (Premium Diamond) costs £ 2.50 a week.

With Premium Diamond membership, you will get access to the same options as the Premium Platinum. But again you save a big amount of money by the end of the membership. Plus this subscription includes 1000 credits for gifts as well.

It should be noted that all subscriptions for the premium-membership will extend automatically. The term of cancellation is at least seven days before the end of the subscription. It is the only negative point about Victoria Milan.

Automatic renewal for the same period is unnecessary for such a popular dating portal, as we see it. In the worst case, you will get one more year of membership more. If you found what you were looking for, make sure you cancel your subscription on time.

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Our conclusion on Victoria Milan

The casual dating portal Victoria Milan makes cheating and having an affair with an easy game. If you stuck in a relationship and want to feel passion again, this website is one of the best choices in the UK. Of course, it is not just for people in a relationship. Victoria Milan is also grand for singles that are looking for a casual date. It offers a sizeable open-minded member's pool and comes with smart functions to start a flirt and to arrange a date in no time. Last but not least, the website is secured with modern solutions and offers a panic-button, if your partner comes around unpredictably. The automatic renewal of the membership is the only negative point we have to mention.