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The online dating website has a classic, kind of boring design on the landing page and offers free registration. We look for other significant information, like additional costs after the enrollment, but there is none. review

The dating portal advertises with a free registration and the possibility to meet plenty of singles living nearby. The lack of information given on the landing page seems rather suspicious to us. review

The dating website advertises with a free registration and numerous female members. does not however provide sufficient information on the pricing of the website upfront. review

The site Lonely advertises with lonely matures and anonymous flirts and some fun in everyday life. Anyone can create an account here quickly and without obligation. review deliberately uses fake profiles to increase the level of entertainment on the site. Registration is free. However, to be able to use the sites’ service, so-called credits must be acquired. review

The dating portal presents itself with a woman sneakily using her phone while her partner sleeps beside her. Not much other information about the website is given on the landing page.

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