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Here you can find all test reports that we have published about the dating websites of the company Appcreators BV.
Read our detailed test reports to find out whether the offers from Appcreators BV are rip-offs or whether you can use the dating websites safely. review

2021-10-07T08:44:26+01:007th October 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , | advertises with an interesting offer. Here, you can meet new people and chat with them. But, you can not meet them in real life. This website is a fake chat. All profiles of the platform are fake and show fictional people. It is not possible to arrange a real date here. Review

2020-03-30T08:38:01+01:0030th March 2020|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , |

The online dating website offers free registration and the landing page points out that this portal is for everyone. Dating ages of 40+ just for fun. Everything seems possible here. But after we did some research and read the terms and conditions we found out that the website is a fake chat scam by Appcreators B.V.

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