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The online dating platform advertises with a good offer. Registration is free and this portal seems to have a high number of members. But we did some research, and found some negative reviews, mostly about the operator and less about the website. review

The online dating website advertises free registration, privacy, checked profiles, and daily new members. It offers special dating for people over 50 years old. review

The online dating website advertises free registration and some profile pictures. The site claims to be an excellent place to find a date with people over fifty years. review

The Online Dating Portal has a colourful page design and the functional user interface, pleasing to the eyes and easy to navigate. review

The online dating website advertises free enrollment. But as the landing page does not provide any useful information, we did some research. It did not take long, and we found many reviews about, which claim that it is a fake chat scam by Svippy Limited. review

The online dating portal advertises with free registration and numerous members. The homepage looks great and makes a deep impression on us. Unfortunately, we are wrong with this assumption, because the site is ripped off by a moderated chat.

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