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The online dating portal advertises with a free registration and a lot of erotic content on the landing page. We see some hot profile pictures but we assume that they are all a fake. review

The online dating platform offers a free registration and seems to have a huge number of active members. But we did some research and found some negative reviews about the site and its operator. review

The online dating portal looks chic at first glance. However, after a little research, we find that the site is a rip-off. The operator is Venntro Media Group Ltd. review

The online dating portal is aimed at the older generation of contact seekers. On the site it says it should be easy to find the right person for a sex date. review

The homepage of, an online dating portal, is very solid. It advertises as romantic flirting, but it quickly turns out to be a rip-off. The site is a moderated chat, and in the member area, you will only find fake profiles. review

Grannies and Milfs are an ever-growing trend in both porn and online dating, so it makes sense that a lot of hookup sites would take advantage of this popular niche.

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