How to recognise a subscription rip off

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Unfortunately, the internet does not only bring advantages but also many risks. Especially online dating can be quite risky as it is easy to scam people. The reason is not that users of such websites are not able to recognize a scam but the scammers play with emotions and erotic content.

Easy tips to fight a rip off

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The internet can be a risky place if you don’t know your way around. Scammers are not easy to recognize and a rip off can be realised to late so a lot of money can be lost by this point. But fortunately there are some tips and tricks to spot a scam and fight it before it is too late.

The subscription rip off

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Besides viruses, phishing and spam mails, which can also create a huge damage to the device or its wallet, subscription traps are a danger on the web in general. Especially dating websites as they come with a particularly high risk of a subscription rip off.

The love scamming rip off

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We all know that love can be a difficult matter and business with love is even trickier. Especially dating on the internet can be quite a risk and could backfire. Over here are several thousands of dating websites which advertises a big number of active members looking for love with free registration.

Fake chat

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Currently there are about 100 operators who are running a great number of letterbox companies and the tendency is rising. Most of the companies are located in Europe and started to work as professional animators.

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