2024-03-18T03:58:04+00:006th July 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , | claims to be a good online dating portal. But the reputation of the site on the internet is bad. We found a number of negative reviews from former users. In general, former customers had a bad experience. According to the information on the web, this portal is a scam with a fake chat. review

2024-03-11T09:11:26+00:006th July 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , | appears to be a good online dating portal. At least, until we started our research. After just a few minutes, we found reviews about a scam with a fake chat. According to the information on the internet, all profiles in the members´ pool are fake and show fictional profiles. review

2024-03-18T04:04:41+00:0014th June 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

The online dating portal advertises with free registration. On the landing page, we see some erotic content, which should stimulate us to register. But we did some research and found out that this portal is a scam with a fake chat. Fictional profiles are created by the operator. review

2024-03-20T05:41:52+00:0028th March 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

At first glance, the online dating portal appears to be an excellent choice. The site offers free registration and promises to be a great platform to find local singles for flirts, dates, and relationships. But unfortunately, the site turns out to be a rip-off with a fake chat. review

2024-03-18T06:06:31+00:0013th March 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , | is an online dating portal that advertises with a fast and free registration. We get the impression that online dating is made fun of here. After doing sufficient research, we find out that is not actually about dating or meeting new people. This dating portal is nothing. review

2024-03-15T09:09:57+00:0013th March 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

According to, this is the place where the dream “Milf” awaits you. On top of that, the dating platform advertises with free and quick registration. After conducting further research, we know who is in charge here. Number65 Ltd is a company based in Maidstone. review

2024-03-15T09:10:03+00:0013th March 2021|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

The dating website advertises with free registration and nothing more. The landing page does not provide sufficient information, so we do our own research online. We find out that is another scam website operated by Number65 LTD. This is a company located in Maidstone.

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