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The dating portal advertises a lot of images of beautiful women on the landing page. It seems like a page, where you can find a date with a Russian or Ukraine person in no time. But reviews on the internet speak another language. review offers free registration and guarantees its users' satisfaction. But it turns out that this website got a poor reputation on the internet. The online dating website is a fake chat scam. Fake operators entice the user to a chat which no sense or goal. Physical contact is not possible. review

The dating portal advertises with free registration and hot dates in no time. But after a little research, we found out that this website is nothing more than a cheeky scam. It is operated by the Hub People Limited, which has a bad reputation on the internet. review

The dating portal offers free registration. On the landing page are a lot of details that turned out to be misleading and wrong. This website is a subscription scam. The membership will extend automatically. review advertises with a friendly-looking website. It seems that the portal aims for a specific group. Single farmers and people living in the countryside who are looking for love can be found here. It is what the website promises, but it turns out that the platform is a scam. review

The dating platform offers free registration. On the landing page, we see a few profile pictures and several registrations. It seems that the member’s pool is full of a lot of members. But it turns out that the website is full of fake profiles.

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