Here you will find all the reports that we have published so far on the 121Singles.com dating website.

Online dating is extremely popular now, however, some websites are certainly fake, and some are rip-offs. A lot of websites are in fact scams, and you will of course lose money. You might worry about this to be sure. If so, Datingspot24.co.uk is the place for you! We expertly fact-check dating websites from the United Kingdom. Our reports particularly help you to avoid any traps which will cheat you.

What we do

As we investigate, we log in to every site, and we conscientiously check every online portal. We begin by looking at the terms of use and the business conditions. We also check whether the operator leads visitors into subscription traps. Furthermore, we check for the use of moderators, chat bots, and fake profiles for example. Additionally, we look for other tricks that they use to make you waste good money.

We complete our investigations, and we prepare detailed reports. Then with this information in mind, you can choose to use the online portal with confidence, or otherwise avoid it completely

Test reports on dating websites on Datingspot24.co.uk

With the test reports together with reviews from Datingspot24.co.uk, you are on safe ground. To be sure it stays that way, we test dozens of pages every day. Whenever the portal you have chosen is not in our database it is not a problem. In that case just send us the appropriate domain name. We will certainly take care of it in no time.

Online dating is an enormously large market, and consequently there are many rogue providers. Indeed, some of them operate hundreds of dating websites. They are particularly intent on making huge amounts of profit at your expense. A number of operators use moderators with fake profiles. They also certainly use other clever tricks to rip you off.

The information we provide

In our test reports, you can now read in detail whether 121Singles.com is legitimate. We will expressly inform you if it is a rip-off.

121Singles.com Review

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The online dating website 121Singles.com advertises with a nice designed landing page, a large number of active members and a free registration. The operator of the website claims that the platform has a huge community full of open minded singles.

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