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eharmony: Test winner "Matchmaker"

The online matchmaker dating website eHarmony which has a quite good reputation. Millions of people all over the world joined the platform in the past and a great number of them found  what they were looking for which is  love. Regarding  the many positive reviews of former customers that we read on the website it seems that this is the best choice on the internet to find the right partner.


  • One of the most trusted dating websites in the UK
  • 51% men and 49% women – very balanced gender ratio
  • More than 2 million people have found their love here already
  • Over 2.3 million sent messages every week
  • Every 14 minutes someone finds love on eHarmony
  • More than 33 million users all over the world
  • More than 4 million active members in the UK
  • Scientifically designed questionnaire guarantees the best matching
  • The perfect choice for people looking for love or a relationship
  • Design is simple and easy to navigate


The portal advertises with great statistics and  high customer satisfaction. We checked  affordability  to be a member on  eHarmony. In the following review you will read all you need to know about the online matchmaker and if eHarmony is the right choice for you.

General details

eharmony.co.uk - SignupThe platform eHarmony is a matchmaker dating website. It might be the perfect place on the internet for people that are looking for love or  a serious relationship in the United Kingdom. eHarmony is getting more and more popular in the UK and worldwide as it can advertise with a great success rate. The reason why eHarmony is so successful and honoured by many users is the compatibility test which is based on a scientific researched questionnaire that every new user has to make while the registration.

More than twenty years of online dating experiences plus a continuous improvement of the services made eHarmony the  highly recommended matchmaker that it is today. Since the year 2000 eHarmony used  the scientific matching questionnaire. That does not only save you time but also sorrow. A broken heart or a rejection on a date, even if it is an online date, is hard to take. Thanks to the great matchmaker service you will get only potential suggestions that will match just right.

The website site was founded by Dr Neil Clark Warren. Dr. Warren was a clinical psychologist for more than 35 years and dedicated his work and life to help people who are looking for a relationship. Now, eHarmony has millions of members all around the globe and connects singles that are looking for the one and only. The headquarters of eHarmony UK Ltd. is based in Los Angeles and is owned by the German media company ProSiebenSat.1 Media. The Registered office address for UK is in London.

The platform eHarmony works together with the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford. The goal of this cooperation was and still is to research dating, love and relationships to improve more and more  success of matchmaking.


Since the year 2008 eHarmony is available for singles in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Since that point the platform has led millions of different people together that might not have  ever met in real life. It has led to a great number of long-term relationships, weddings and even created new families plus baby’s. All that made it to one of the UK’s most popular online dating sites.

The member’s area on eharmony.co.uk

eharmony.co.uk - MemberareaThe platform has a very diverse group of members from  all ages and  every stratum of society. Here you will find people from every corner of the country and international members as well. It does not matter where you live and where you come from, if you are looking for the right match, this website will help you find it.

The members of eHarmony join the website to finally find the right partner for a long-term relationship. The majority of the users in the member’s area are between 25 and 34 years old but the operator claims that they have members in all ages as love knows no age. Additionally we read on the website of eHarmony that it has members from all corners of the world. The biggest number of members is from the USA where the matchmaker website has its origin. More than four millions users are registered in the UK.

The members of eHarmony are open-minded but regarding  the description of the dating platform itself they are not looking for a short fun date but a deep commitment. As far as we evaluate the member’s area most users are educated, have a stable way of life and the conversations are held on a high level. So in a nutshell, if you are looking for a short and one time adventure eHarmony is not the right choice. But if you are looking for the perfect one and a relationship with a serious commitment it is the right spot.

The registration on eharmony.co.uk

The registration on eHarmony is something special and takes much longer than on most of the online dating websites. You will need around 20 minutes to finish the registration as you will have to answer a great number of various questions. The registration is the scientific questionnaire which will be used by the algorithm later to find you the right match. In general you can choose to sign up via your E-Mail address or your Facebook account.

eharmony.co.uk - Registration

You are  required to answer all questions of the questionnaires to make the registration. It is recommended that you take the time you need to answer spontaneously but honestly as there are no wrong answers. As the questions are very detailed and will even show some compatibility quizzes where you have to choose between two images you should do the registration on a bigger screen than you mobile phone and focus on the test.

The questionnaire of the compatibility matching system test includes questions about yourself and how you usually act. Those questions are about your free time activities, interests, hobbies and music preferences. Additionally there are some more questions about what you desire, want and expect  from  your partner plus the test will present you some situations that can happen in a relationship and ask you how you would react. That starts with simple questions like if you like to sleep with an opened window and continues how you plan your holiday or which flowers you like. The most difficult tasks in the questionnaire are about how you would act in a certain situation like in a fight with a friend.

The questionnaire is therefore to find a person that will fit to your interests and behaviour. The more time you  spend on the test,  the more honest you answer, the questions the better and satisfying your partner suggestions will come  later. After the long test you will have to fill in the typical data like your age, location, etc. which you can still edit in the profile settings later again. The test you can only do one time and no editing is possible afterwards.


A verification of your e-mail-address is not necessary but eHarmony is not filled with fake profiles. The platform uses verification by SMS to verify your profile. As far as we can evaluate the member’s area we see the risk of fake profiles at a minimum level. There are no reviews or complaints about fake profiles and all users in the member’s area appeared to be real to us.

Edit your profile and your information

After  registration and the personality test is done you can take a look in the member’s area and edit your profile. It is recommended to have a profile filled with information and pictures so that others can see  a picture of you. Probably everyone will prefer a profile with a lot of details. One plus point on eHarmony is that the profile section is very detailed plus you can update and change all information in your profile at any time. You can and should upload pictures of you that show you in an advantageous way and with the right size.


The more information you give and the more pictures of your person you will put  on your profile the more success you will have later. The personality test which every member has to do is the basic for the compatibility check. But probably you would also prefer to contact a person with a bit lower compatibility but has some great looking images and a lot of interesting details  on the profile instead of a person that has a higher compatibility but not a boring looking profile. That also counts for you and how others will see your profile.

In the section "About" you can edit your preferences, interests and much more. You can enter what your best skills are, what you are thankful for or how your friends would describe you. In a nutshell on eHarmony the profiles are very detailed and you should take that as a chance to provide as much information about you and your desires as possible.  To let another member know who you are before it comes to the first contact.

Getting in touch with others – how does it work?

The platform eHarmony offers you different ways to get in touch with others. There are automated questions you can send for an initial contact. You can send a wink which is available for free but only users with a premium membership have the full selection of contact features.

eharmony.co.uk - Compability

The first thing to do to get in touch with another person on eHarmony is to find her or him. On the one hand you will get some partner suggestions that are based on your answer  from the personality test. On the other hand you can check the member’s area by yourself and look with the search functions for something special.

For every member on eHarmony you will see the compatibility on their profile. This will  show  you by a number and the higher the number means you are more compatible with a certain member. If you find such a potential partner you can either add this user to your favourites' list and contact the member  later or you can  take your chance right away.


You can send them  a smile and she or he  will reply with a simple smile  or even send you a real message. Besides the normal chat you can send an ice breaker. The ice breaker questions are automated questions and can be a good start. If you are shy or not sure about your chances a smile and an ice breaker might do it. But the success rate with an individual and charming first message to another member is clearly high. Most of the members on eHarmony are looking for a nice partner and are open-minded for a charming first chat so the chance they will reply to a real message  are much higher than an automated sent question.

Designs and operations

The platform eHarmony has a modern design. The colours of the whole website are mostly white and  light blue. That makes the letters on the platform good readable and ensures an easy operation. The interface of eHarmony is very user-friendly to younger and older members. The website has a good overview so even people who are trying online dating for the first time will get along with the site  in a very short time. The website has a minimalist design and shows only a few features.


The mobile app

The mobile app of eHarmony is free to download and available for Androids and Apple devices. The general designs and implementations of all function into the app are great. The app version of the dating website has the same basic interface and it is very easy to operate. It has all features and functions as the web version which makes it easy to find a match at any time and any place.

The costs on eharmony.co.uk

The registration with the personality test plus the set-up of your profile is  free. More free functions of eHarmony are  sending winks to  members, view the profiles of other members,  sending automated questions, creating  a favourites list and  checking the member’s area for potential matches.

But if you want to see the images of other members on their profile, see who visited your profile or who added you on their favourites list and to send an unlimited amount of messages you will need a premium membership that is connected with extra  fees.

eharmony.co.uk - Costs

For  premium membership eHarmony will offer three different subscriptions:

premium membership light
premium membership plus
premium membership extra

The premium membership light runs for six months and is the cheapest option with £19.90 per month. The premium membership plus has a term of 12 months and costs £9.90 per month and the premium membership extra that runs for 24 months costs £6.90 per month.


For the very first purchase eHarmony offers a discount of 50% for the first month. This offer is only valid for two days after  registration. You can make your payment via credit card or PayPal. One thing is to mention regarding  the subscription. If you purchase your premium membership via an iOS app the subscription will extend automatically.

Tips and tricks for successful online dating

The website eHarmony offers various details about the platform and online dating in general. Besides the good customer services on  the portal it also offers comprehensive information for dating advices and dating safety tips. There you will find a wide range of topics about love, dating, cheating and heartbreaks. In this section you will also find more information about how to use the online dating website eHarmony itself and how the compatibility system works or what exactly the compatibility wheels shows you.


Our conclusion from eHarmony

A matchmaker dating platform with a scientific based personality test to find the right partner for you sounds very promising. And eHarmony  fulfilled all expectations  we had. The website is very easy to handle, has a good looking design and has a member’s area  filled with high quality users that chat on a high level. The quality of the platform and its customer service that is available 24/7 is well appreciated by the members. The functions and features are smart and easy to use. It seems that eHarmony offers you the best chances to find your loved one easy  as it  will find him or her for you thanks to the compatibility test and gives you various ways to get in touch with each other.